Saturday, October 21, 2006

Teterias en Iran///Teahouses in Iran

Cuando por fin llega la noche y se puede "romper" el ayuno de Ramadan, las teterias se llenan por todas las calles de Iran. En esta foto estamos haciendo algo solo permitido a los turistas y totalmente prohibido e ilegal para los Iranies: fumar delante de una mujer.

When the sun sets and in Ramadan time Iranians can break their fasting, all the tea houses of this country get full of people drinking tea, eating sugar and smoking apple pipe. In this photo we are doing something illegal for all Iranians and just allowed to tourists: to smoke in frnot of a woman


Blogger Mark Lawrence said...

Shock! Horro! How dare you smoke in from of a woman, Andrew!

Casting my mind back to the TV shows and movies I watched as a child, and the manners of the adults around me in the 70s and early 80s, men were expected to excuse themselves or ask permission from any 'lady' in their company before they could light a cigarette.

And, of course, 'ladies' couldn't light their own cigarettes, a 'gentlemen' was meant to offer!

Nowadays, smokers just get heckled and brow-beaten in public (and rightly so!).

1:07 pm


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