Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Chapter 4: dinner at a Chinese Rest.//Cap.4: cena en un Rest. Chino

Se ofrece banquete en un Restaurante Chino a quien adivine que es lo que cenamos este dia (nosotros todavia no sabemos)....Entramos en un restaurante y por 2.5 euros te daban 10 platitos de degustacion....lo unico que identificamos fueron la patas de gallo (unas incluidas...)....

A free banquet in a Chinese Restaurant for whoever guesses what we ate at this banquet - we still don't know. We followed the eating survival rule of 'go where it's busy', paid our 5 bucks and received 10 plates of oriental suprises. All we could identify were the chicken's feet (nails included!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

¿Cuánto hay que donar para participar en este nuevo concurso????

El primer plato para mí está clarísimo:

Patitas de gran gallo blanco, con maiz digerido por el mismo y cultivado orgánicamente (of course, Andrew) acompañado por deliciosos caracoles rojos, de la especie "Mao" criados en la Muralla China.

Porfa no os olvideis de traer los Chinese mugs!!!
Muchos muxus,

7:30 am

Blogger Mark Lawrence said...

This would be my guess: water chesnuts and/or lotus seeds with boiled/steamed chicken's feet (in Yum Cha in melbourne, at leat they bother to remove the claws) and red Chinese dates?; and in the plate below, lovely steamed dumplings with pork and prawns... the green ones look as if they've been cooked in green tea dust or something...

I'd prefer the lower plate - i think. only guessing what's inside the dumplings!

1:28 pm


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