Monday, May 22, 2006

no te iras a la cama sin saber.....///you won't go to bed without knowing...

Sabias que.....? en Vietnam hay un festival que se llama TET que se celebra en Enero (depende de la luna) donde TODOS los Vietnamitas celebran que son un ano mayores? Esto significa que si naces en Diciembre, el 1 de Enero ya tienes 1 ano!!!!Increible!!!

Did you know....?????In Vietnam there is a festival called TET, celebrated sometime in January (depends on the lunar calendar) when everyboday celebrates being a year older....This means that is you are born in December, by January you are allready a year older!!!!!Amaizing!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

can't bare to look at the ducky and can't believe you 2 ate it... What has happened to you!!?? Animals!
Something crazy happened here which is a sorry reminder of your absence.. we nearly missed Eurovision...That would never happen with you here Eider!! We stumbled across it by chance friday night and got a good dose of eurotrash.

Miss you guys and the eurovision nights.
Love Ingrid

1:06 pm


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