Monday, May 15, 2006

The Barber of Saigon///El barbero de Saigon

I'ts the first time in 2 months Andrew had a shave and a shower!!!! He came out all shiny and 10 years younger!!!!

La primera vez en dos meses que Andrew se ha afeitado y duchado!!Vino del barbero brillante y diez anos mas joven!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing change of look from Mr Shaggy (Scooby Doo) to Mr Collina the referee now in the adverts of OPEL. Your bold is cute as Gorka´s bottom now. Leave your "hair" growing to the west..
Keep shaving , at least once every month! Next one in China with the Kung Fu´s hair dresser!

5:28 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought I only had a grandson and a son-in-law, but watching you Andrew, it seems I have two grandsons. You look so young!!!
By the way, did Eider go to the same hair dresser??
All the best,

5:49 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

finally looking at your blog and reading backwards thru your journey, REALLY enjoying it chicos!

feel like i am experiencing some of it and happy that i am enjoying parts of it in my sunny northcote study and not directly!! such a wimp!

andrew there is a wiff of hari krishna in your new do!

love ing

1:20 pm


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