Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sanwich de tomate y queso///Tomato and cheese sandwiches

Pues si, no parece real todavia, pero ya estamos en Adelaide. Despues de 11 horas de viaje, hemos pasado una noche en esta sosa ciudad y ahora estamos esperando al tren q nos llevara a la humeda Darwin.
Despues de una semana de despedidas, fiestas pasadas por agua y cenas, tuvimos una triste despedida en la nueva estacion de Southern Cross.
El viaje de tren se nos paso muy rapido...sera la emocion digo yo!. Tenemos intencion de sacar fotos de todo lo que comamos en los proximos meses. Aqui podeis ver nuestra triste comida en el cosa mejorara en Asia (espero).
Un beso a todos.
Andrew y Eider

More tomato and cheese sandwiches will no doubt be the most exotic culinary experience for quite a while. This was lunch on The Overland, an 11 hour train ride from Melbourne to Adelaide, which will no doubt be reflected upon as a first class experience in the near future.

Good bye and good luck was received by all, along with a stern "take care of yourselves" and "take care of Eider" from Dad. Many tears were shed while departing from Melbourne's behind schedule Southern Cross Railway Station. Let's hope it is finished by the time we get back!


Anonymous Tha translator said...

The great "heading west" has started! We look forward to seing more photos of more exotic dishes and food! Take care (once more) and report to us while you are at great Kakadu . I wish I was there.
Translation for Spaniards and latins :
Por fin habéis salido y estáis con vuestras "cabezas al oeste". Buscaremos adelante vuestras cabezas en las fotos de comida más exótica!Cuidaros y comprar lotería de la once y hacernos un reportaje de Kakadu. Y un cd de Pink Floyd.

5:44 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pues yo no voy a ser menos. Take care of yourselves and enjoy every moment of the exciting experience you are facing. and please Eider you too, take care of Andrew!!
Los sandwiches tienen una pinta excelente y qué saludables. Entre plato y plato, procurad salid vosotros en las fotos.
Un besazo,

7:39 am

Blogger Mark Lawrence said...

What, no vegemite? I hope you didn't chuck out the jar of vegemite when you were struggling to get everything in your packs! I'm sorry I missed you just before you guys left, but I'm glad to catch you at your farewell.

All the best to you two on your travels, and may you have a great time!

PS: Was Adelaide during Womadelaide any good?

9:46 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A few points of order!
You failed to mention that you had Egg on the sandwich (click through on the photo ) LUXURY!
I thought this was supposed to be doing it tough!
Southern Cross Station will always be Spencer St to me.
Jed sends his love ...well he didn't really ( too busy eating exotic foods to remember who you are !)
Have fun !

4:30 pm


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