Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The count down

The 'To do' list is getting shorter, but so is the time make sure that their all items are crossed off. We've moved into a friends place while we finish all the organising, so we've successfully been able to disrupt the lives of others. Living from boxes and bags will be the order of the day till we leave.

The emotions of leaving are already starting to set in with a sad good bye to the 'boys'. They're now residents of 'Greater Bendigo' running around on a quarter acre block. I doubt thy're missing us, as their daily menu consists of sardines for breakfast and beef stew for dinner. Certainly a far cry from the single serving of Pal and minced meat /vegie biscuits. Thanks Jo!

The backpacks are gradually filling, although we don't seemed to have packed clothes yet. We might have to cut down on the number of books and guides we had planned on taking. I'm sure that carrying the packs for a while will result in rationalising what is and isn't needed.

Just 18 days to go.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seguro que Jed y Drummer están disfrutando un montón en Bendigo. Ni ellos se podían imaginar una "jubilación" tan feliz. En la foto están preciosos. ¿Hubo maquillaje para la puesta en escena? Los echaremos de menos!!

Disfrutad de las despedidas y preparad vuestras espaldas para lo que les espera.

Os quiere,

12:29 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Main man ..... Happy dog !
Bet the dog is happy that he does not have to live with Andy anymore! Nor does he have to be bi-lingual !

1:42 pm


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